Amazon launches first solar energy facility in China

15 Oct , 2121 You wei

Amazon announced its first solar energy facility in China on Thursday, one of five renewable energy projects the company is planning around the world.

The other facilities will be built in Australia and the U.S. as part of Amazon’s Climate Pledge, a commitment to be powered by 100% renewable energy by 2030. The solar projects will power Amazon’s fulfillment operations and energy-hungry cloud business.

The Chinese facility will be a 100-megawatt solar project in Shandong expected to generate 128,000 megawatt hours of power each year. The Australia facility will be similar to the one in Shandong. In the U.S., Amazon is building new solar operations in Virginia and Ohio.

Amazon has 31 renewable energy facilities and uses power from solar panels on rooftops at 60 fulfillment centers around the world. Despite those efforts, an employee activist group inside Amazon and other environmental advocates have been pressuring the company to adopt more extensive sustainability programs. In particular, the activists want Amazon to sever ties with fossil fuel companies that use the company’s services.